STUDENTs' life
Only the best for your child
School security
We have security systems in place, including video monitoring of the school premesis and fingerprint scanners.

Every parent or caretaker will have his or her fingerprint scanned on the first day, allowing them to enter.
Parents/caretaker can not let anyone other than themselves enter the building. All visitors and guests are registered and allowed to enter only when accompanied by school staff.
The main language of instruction at TISA is English. We understand that not all children have the same level of language, but we encourage applications from all learners with different backgrounds. Our student support team is ready to provide help to accommodate additional language learning needs. To learn more — please contact our Admission Team.
Warm food at school (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Healthy, organic warm meals are served daily.

Parents are required to pre-pay for school meals. We can accommodate allergies and special diets such as vegetarian, vegan, lactose and gluten free).
Transfer to/from school
We offer transfer services from Den Haag and other areas in and around Leiden on our branded Teslas!

The transfer comes with extra costs, to get all the information please contact TISA office (email us / whatsapp us).
Do you have any questions or want a consultation?
Feel free to write, call, and visit us.
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