TISA Open Day — February 2022

Hurray! The Theodore International Startup Academy had its first official Open Day!⁠

Last week we opened our doors to parents and kids of Teddy Kids. Kids had an opportunity to participate in an exciting quest visiting different workshops (art, science, music, robotics) and helping Secret Agent Theodore with his very secret mission! Parents had participated in the school presentation with our founder and head of the school, who presented the school concept, educational programme, teaching methods and all unique things about TISA. For example, did you know that: ⁠
👩‍🏫There are always 2-3 teachers in class⁠
💡Our teachers use Singapore interactive teaching methods⁠
🎨Our programme includes a unique professional track system (STEM and arts) to develop skills for future success⁠
👫All students work on projects in teams and present them twice a year⁠
👦We design an individual path for each student and help them stay on track⁠